Notebook (interior with still life)

May 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Interior with a Picture 1985-6 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005postscript to slowness

combined & uneven domesticity: only a minority can afford it but everyone is subject to it, as image, social fantasy, demand, prison

home as sphere of slowness, w/in whose walls demand slows to a manageable, reshapeable pressure, permitted by a kind of focalisation of social relations: the realm of ‘hobbies’; home as eclogue, bees drifting round the smallholder’s hives

home as sphere of slowness, defined negatively: the “Englishman’s castle” that barricades out work in an effort to make work itself bearable, by the “socially necessary minimum” for the worker’s self-reproduction / Flowers in the Attic

curation as simulacram-substitute for actual control over our lives: obsessive rearrangement as repressed trauma; ‘vintage’ aesthetics as repetition-compulsion

the primal scene of the property market, in wh/ the subject is left w/ the original sin of class; subsidy (right-to-buy, help-to-buy, the low interest rates my parents hymn) as screen memory

the dialectical images in superimposed primal histories of the contemporary property market: Greenwich Village 1962, Bankside 1976, Alphabet City 1982, Hackney 1975.

in every dream home a heartache


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