April 7, 2014 § 4 Comments


I’ve got a piece on the soundtrack to Sans Soleil in this month’s Sight & Sound magazine. I’m pretty pleased w/ it, but don’t kid myself that it does the film any real justice & constitutes only a small fragment of what I’d have to say about it. (I always get this weird overearnest tone when writing about Marker – what’s w/ that?) I would have liked also to riff on: MTV (the paradigmatic form of the age of “the totally dismembered film”), Victor Burgin’s The Remembered Film, the “girl in a white dress” scene in Citizen KaneStyle Wars & my imagined film that Marker would have made in NYC circa 82, Actress, Benjamin’s note on Baudelaire in ‘Central Park’ (“The course of history as represented in the concept of catastrophe has no more claim on the attention of the thinking than the kaleidoscope in the hand of a child which, with each turn, collapses everything ordered into new order. The justness of this image is well-founded. The concepts of the rulers have always been the mirror by means of whose image an ‘order’ was established. – This kaleidoscope must be smashed”), the Berlin Childhood Around 1900 w/ its city animate like an afterimage of Fourier’s phalansteries, a new conception of nature, the short Cat Listening To Music (which I’ve never been able to place chronologically – any help?), the necessity of a decent CD & vinyl release for Marker’s soundtracks (& for that matter a DVD of the short films, wh/ Soda Pictures’ soon-come set will to some extent answer), why we should have an actual retrospective of the films rather than an overcrowded moving-image gallery retrospective (cf. Brighton Museum & Art Gallery’s Jeff Keen exhibition), Tangerine Dream’s Thief soundtrack, resignation, numbness, “homeless feelings” etc.


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