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slept on this one


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Notebook (departure)

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“Cranbourne Chase: the stunted aboriginal forest trees, scattered, not grouped in cultivations; anemones, bluebells, violets, all pale, sprinkled about, without colour, livid, for the sun hardly shone. Then Blackmore Vale; a vast air dome & the fields dropped to the bottom; the sun striking, there, there; a drench of rain falling, like a veil streaming from the sky, there & there; & the downs rising, very strongly scarped… so that they were ridged & ledged… & then tea & cream… & the drive to Bournemouth, & the dog & the lady behind the rock, & the view of Swanage, & coming home.

I rather think Weymouth is the most beautiful seaside town in Europe, combining the grace of Naples with the sobriety of George the Third.”

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Greil Marcus


Missed the moment to mention this, but I’ve got a piece in the main ‘Compiler’ feature of the new issue of The Wire on the discographies at the back of Greil Marcus’ Stranded Lipstick Traces. Along w/ a full-page review of Fatima al Qadiri’s new album & a review of a new book by the Canadian Neoist composer eldritch Priest.

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“Education is an important key – yes/But the good life’s never won by degrees – no/Pointless passing through Harvard or Yale/Only window shopping – it’s strictly no sale”

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