Notebook (cloud study)

August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

“Child with its mother in the panorama. The panorama is presenting the Battle of Sedan. The child finds it all very lovely: “Only, it’s too bad the sky is so dreary.” – “That’s what the weather is like in war”, the mother answers. … Thus, the panoramas too are in fundamental complicity with this world of mist, this cloud-world: the light of their images breaks as through curtains of rain. …

Only one who has grown up in the big city can appreciate its rainy weather, which altogether slyly sets one dreaming back to early childhood. Rain makes everything more hidden, makes days not only gray but more uniform. From morning until evening one can do the same thing – play chess, read, engage in argument – whereas sunshine, by contrast, shades the hours and discountenances the dreamer. The latter, therefore, must get around the days of sunshine with subterfuges – above all, most rise quite early, like the great idlers, the waterfront loafers and vagabonds: the dreamer must be up before the sun itself.”


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