Notebook (lush life)

July 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Strange, on reflection, how restricted pop’s presence is in Mad Men, apart from that one time Peggy does the Twist over to Pete. Better that, of course, than the BBC period-drama approach of lives & passions zeitgeist-ily soundtracked by Popular Hits Of The Day. Other than that it’s ballads of the 30s & 40s & the smoother end of 50s R&B (reflecting no doubt the tastes of older white guys). What it has instead, in a way few period shows do, is the spectacle of libidinal confidence & ease that pop always stands in for. Its lushness, elegance & glamour is always played to disclose its own banality, the tawdriness & difficulty of its own edenic appearance. Just as pop is always both, & inextricably, mainline to a culture’s libidinal images & ordinary necking in provincial discotheques.


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