Notebook (bodies)

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

“You have to be a perfect dancer to dance immobility, like these solitary breakdancers … Their bodies only move at long intervals, like the hand of a clock stopping for a minute on every second, spending an hour on each position. This is freeze-act, as elsewhere one finds the freeze-phrase (the fragment which fixes the writing) or the freeze-frame in cinema, which fixes the entire movement of the city. This immobility is not an inertia, but a paroxysm which boils movement down into its opposite. The same dialectic was already present in Chinese opera or in animal dances – an art of stupor, slowness, bewitchment. This is the art of the photograph too, where the unreal pose wins out over real movement and the ‘dissolve’, with the result that a more intense, more advanced stage of the image is achieved in photography today than in cinema. […]”


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