Notebook (outtakes)

April 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Both the music press & the academy are stuck in their own overdriven spin-cycles of production: any writing that attempts a longer-term view or a more oblique approach has to be compressed into the structures of academic specialisation, relegated to the dadrock mags or written for free in an increasingly precarious spare time. (Unless it can be pinned to a hot event, the online mags aren’t interested.)


For those of us on the sharp end of the contemporary regime of time – those in unemployment, precarious employment, interning & workfare, those locked out of the press & the academy, those nestling in or excluded from what Paul Mason describes as “the cracks” in the economy, those subject to what Mark Fisher has called the “electro-libidinal parasite” of communicative technology as instrumentalised by late capitalism – the question is less easy.


In this sense, the denizen of Kasbah or the stadium concert-goer who sees Rihanna, two hours late, at the O2, forms the present vanguard of capital, rather than [contra Robin James] the hipster, with whom in any case they continue to converge.


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