April 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

The catch-22 of writing that, on creative writing degrees, no-one explains to you, except perhaps at UEA: 1) no point in exerting effort at the task of filling blank pages unless what fills those pages has some potential to be read, a potential produced* by ‘getting yr writing out there’ 2) no point in participating in the whole disgusting rigmarole of potential-production (pitching, ‘networking’, social-mediating) if the writing’s no good, partly b/c you don’t have yr mind on the job but on getting its by-now-reified product ‘out there’.

* this suggests why writing in particular – especially freelance writing of the ‘columnism’ variety – has acted as a kind of anticipatory model for immaterial production as a whole: the worker repositioned as entrepreneur, as a protagonist in a process of self-fashioning whose product is the protagonist herself in prototypical form, as an incomplete commodity to be invested with their true value through insertion into exchange


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