April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Youtubing some of Atomic Kitten’s early singles (they were a big band for me when I was 10), surprised by how thoroughly ‘Right Now’ is pervaded by disco – instrumentally (with even a bongo breakdown) perhaps rather than structurally, its tempo & rhythmic structure more dictated by Hi-NRG. (For further evidence see the sex-blurping ‘I Want Your Love’, wh/ I always get mixed up w/ the Girls Aloud version of ‘Jump’.) Of course the band are unlikely gay icons, but that’s effect rather than cause, & my surprise comes more from remembering mostly the milkwater later singles (a tendency intensified after Jenny joined the band, her voice unsuited to brashness, leaning more towards the breathy, slightly simpering ballad). Their voices don’t quite conform to the disco-diva arch-femme stereotype, being lower, less expansive, both more blunt & more playful. So, in lieu of the 10000 word Marxist analysis no-one will ever commission, here’s my thesis: the secret affinity of the rude gyal, in the moment of her decomposition & disco as a machine for the production of an anti-social pleasure. (This particular argument is infinitely bolstered by Cheryl Cole’s presence on the early Girls Aloud singles.)


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