what would be said

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Women are those to whom men lie. The more privileged your position, the more lies you can expect to be told. The wife’s peace of mind is in perfect, unknowing counterbalance with the anxiety of the mistress, for example. The beloved woman is the one to whom the man lies most, best, longest, and love’s hidden abode of production is the massed ranks of the frankly unlovable, who know very well what their true condition is. To take seriously the commonplace that gender is a relation of domination not in its specific articulations (not every particular man towards every particular woman) but in its totality, we have to say that, insofar as you are loved as a woman, you are loved as a captive.

Confirms nicely my thesis, cooked up while brushing my teeth, on the implications of Baudelaire’s work: that prostitutes & the sex-starved stand, in solidarity, in the same relation to the libidinal economy, as proletarians.


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