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The lovely people at Clinic published a poem by me. (It’s not actually about Walter Benjamin, but the above is a lovely photo.) Any questions about who the ‘L.’ is should be directed to my email/biographer.

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Difficult to tell whether it marks me out as sad & old or touchingly full of fealty that I’m annoyed by the almost total inaccessibility of the archives of my two favourite blogs (Ian Penman’s The Pill Box & Joshua Clover’s Jane Dark). What happens to a medium posited around the permanent turnover of content, styles & thematics, with everything never to be revisited? This isn’t to say that I’m permanently bored w/ the new blogs. O wait, maybe it is?

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Perhaps I should wait until I’ve had more than a cursory listen, but the release of a new Godspeed! album (streaming on the Guardian page – ignore the interview) prompts a couple of responses. Firstly: it’s better than both Yanqui UXO the most recent Silver Mount Zion material, the latter in part b/c Efrim Menuck helpfully keeps his mouth shut, allowing a move back towards at least a species of collectivity. Secondly: my God am I old. To be fair, I got into Godspeed! after Yanqui came out & the band went on hiatus, but it is nonetheless nearly a decade since I first heard them. The political atmosphere of Yanqui is precisely that of the first years of the Bush administration, of the Second Intifada, of Seattle & Genoa. The differences, the continuities; the advances, the failures.

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