‘an objective illusion’

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Their susceptibility generates an delusion but this delusion is based on a real experience; it is an objective illusion. The false appearance is woven into reality itself, and the muck is real. The misapprehension of the world is a real misapprehension; it’s make-believe and it is socially produced. It is also socially dismantled. Ideologies are not arbitrary, but emanations of socially necessary illusion, the coagulation in commonsensical form of the contradictory nature of social reality, generated by social reality and challenged by it at one and the same time. It should not be assumed that ideology is a falsehood that never comes to light, for it always comes into the light and then has to be recomposed. Ideological explanations are strenuously applied and reapplied: think big, think small, ideas for life.


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