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“except perhaps in spring / but I should never think of spring / for that would truly break my heart in two”

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Louis Zukofsky, from ’80 Flowers’, in Selected Poems, edited by Charles Bernstein (Library of America, 2006)

Self-promotion corner #5

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The new issue of The Wire contains an interview with Uwe Schmidt, aka Atom™, by me; I also did a review of some 100% Silk 12″s which I thought were quite good.

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Missed the 20th anniversary of Arthur’s death (yes we are on first name terms obvs) a week ago, although I don’t think not chiming in w/ such a morbid event matters, especially given how much time is subject to slippery slurrings in his recordings (yes recordings, rather than compositions, as his love for studio alchemy & the infinite playback of the discotheque makes it silly to squash him inside the 19th-century shell of such a concept as ‘composer’). I wrote a piece, part-political history, part-memoir, on him for the seemingly-defunct Polarity*, from which I feel permitted to extract the sentence “‘Get Around To It’ is endlessly-delayed gratification, a suspended tumble into love – “I’m learning more about you/I hope it’s never ever finished” – awash in cerulean cello, its rhythm a loop of yearning”. Of course I’d write it differently, hopefully better, now. The sentiment stays the same though. He taught me everything.

*I don’t know whether the first issue is still available – it’d be worth emailing George to find out – but if it is then buy it, it’s fucking great

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