Notebook (capitalism arose & took off its pyjamas)

December 26, 2011 § 4 Comments

“The first thing I did was make a mistake. I thought I had understood capitalism, but what I had done was assume an attitude – melancholy sadness – toward it. This attitude is not correct. Fortunately your letter came, at that instant. ‘Dear Rupert, I love you every day. You are the world, which is life. I love you I adore you I am crazy about you. Love, Marta.’ Reading between the lines, I understood your critique of my attitude towards capitalism. Always mindful that the critic must ‘studiare da un punto di vista formalistico e semiologico il rapporto fra lingua di un testo e codificazione di un -‘ But here a big thumb smudges the text – the thumb of capitalism, which we are all under. Darkness falls. My neighbour continues to commit suicide, once a fortnight. I have his suicides geared into my schedule because my role is to save him; once I was late and he spent two days unconscious on the floor. But now that I have understood that I have not understood capitalism, perhaps a less equivocal position towards it can be ‘hammered out’. My daughter demands more Mr. Bubble for her bath. The shrimp boats lower their nets. A book called Humorists of the 18th Century is published.


[…] Smoke, rain abulia. What can the concerned citizen do to fight the rise of capitalism, in his own community? Study of the tides of conflict and power in a system in which there is structural inequality is an important task. A knowledge of European intellectual history since 1789 provides a useful background. Information theory offers interesting new possibilities. Passion is helpful, especially those types of passion which are nonlicit. Doubt is a necessary precondition to meaningful action. Fear is the great mover, in the end.”


§ 4 Responses to Notebook (capitalism arose & took off its pyjamas)

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