Notebook (what language does)

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a skin that brushes against the other


Notebook (out of joint)

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“I’ll tell my story in the past none the less, as though it were a myth, or an old fable, for this evening I need another age, that age to become another age in which I became what I was.”

Notebook (haunted weather)

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no we’re not exactly lovers

Self-promotion corner #3

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I suppose it behoves me at this point to mention that I’ve got some poems in this little number (“younger than what?” you may well ask. “26” is the answer.) I’d recommend investing in it anyway – if you’re the kind of person who, unlike me, has the money to buy new books – because it contains a huge amount of material worth casting an eye over, & gives those who care about such things a nice picture of what British poetry is doing at the moment, & might be doing in the future. The blurb description is fairly inaccurate when it comes to me, but quibbles, etc. The Book Depository or yr local independent bookstore are yr best port of call.

Modest proposal

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A series of short books, modelled on the Penguin Great Ideas series, republishing classics of left theory/philosophy/writing, small enough in format to be popped in a jacket pocket & read in one sitting, & with similarly seductive design. I know Verso’s Radical Thinkers & Revolutions series are something close, but they’re very often a) not interesting or classic enough (e.g. many of them only have a very specialist interest) b) too expensive (£6.99 vs 3.99) c) too big in format; the cover designs are pretty much all I’m tempted to buy many of them for. Some suggested publications: Luxemburg’s The Mass Strike, Lenin’s What Is To Be Done?, Debord’s Society of the Spectacle, Raymond Williams’ ‘Culture is Ordinary’, ‘My Cambridge’ & his memoir of Leavis, etc.

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Carol Watts, from Wrack (Reality Street, 2007)

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