‘Never work’/Always work

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The foretaste of utopia on high school Friday nights made prospective lifetimes of punching Monday morning time clocks even less endurable… not all who were seduced by the vision could participate in it. With the mirage of unattainable cornucopia in the distance, it became all the more urgent to wrest as much freedom, exhilaration and sheer mileage from the night as possible…. the white teen riots of the early 1960s were largely driven by the hidden injuries of class colliding with an overweening ideology of affluence–an affluence, that is, that we reinterpreted with the help of beatniks and surfers as the possiblity of free time and space beyond the programme of Fordist society.

Substitute ‘artists’, those spectres raised by the new economy of late Blairism – ‘urban regeneration’ and ‘creative industries’ awash in cash and opportunity – for ‘beatniks and surfers’ and you’ve got it in one.


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